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TUSA 8/31 for Afghanistan & America AWAKE! with John Robb

John Robb's 8/27 Prayer Points for
Afghanistan included in this posting.

An Open Invitation to the Body of Christ the Weekly
Transform USA Weekly National Prayer Call
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Tuesday, August 31, 2021
 Interceding for Afghanistan
and America AWAKE!
11:00 am-12:00 pm Eastern, 10:00-11:00 Central
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TUSA 8/31 Speaker: John RobbFormer Chairman, International Prayer Council,, National Prayer Assembly,  Hosted by: Amy Stoehr, Co-founder, The River Family Church, San Diego Area, California,; Lisa Crump, Served on Leadership Teams of Focus on the Family & National Day of Prayer Task Force. 

From John Robb, Fri 8/27

Dear Praying Friends,

Here is another update for you. We are grateful to report some hopeful developments, such as the huge amount of 24/7 prayer being mobilized worldwide; many organizations working together to help as many Afghans and expats as possible get out of the country quickly or to stay as safely as possible inside; the brave support of the US and UK militaries; and generous giving to the evacuation effort. However, the situation in the streets of Kabul as well as other parts of the nation remains very challenging and dangerous. Please pray for the following concerns that have been shared by various partner organizations trying to help there:


1.    As you have probably witnessed on the news from yesterday, there was an awful suicide bombing episode that killed at least 169 Afghans and 13 of the US military, wounding many others as well. Concerns are that the ISIS Khorasan group (a rogue offshoot of the Taliban) that is thought to have perpetrated the attack will try to do so again. Military leaders fear that they might try to take down one of the departing evacuation planes with a surface to air missile. Please pray for God’s protection and for the military to be vigilant along with the Taliban guards at checkpoints around the airport. (The Taliban are saying some of their members were killed in the bombing though of course their statements may not be reliable, and they may just be shifting blame.)

2.    In Kabul, there are still thousands in the streets for miles, including expats, trying to get to the airport and get out before Tuesday, August 31, the deadline set by the Taliban for all evacuation efforts to be finished. Along the way, there are dead bodies, open sewage, and the potential for more suicide attacks by individuals wearing suicide vests or driving cars bearing bombs. One man who is involved in the evacuation effort said that the situation is “truly horrifying” and that he estimates there are “100,000 in imminent danger” at the hands of the Taliban or other terrorist groups. Pray for a canopy of God’s protection over those routes to the airport and for all who are in the streets or processing them once they get there.

3.    About 30-40% of Afghan believers (my estimate according to what I have heard) want to stay and continue to share Jesus with their people, possibly at the cost of their lives. Pray for them to be bold, courageous and wise in doing so and also that they can find safehouses all across the country to which they can relocate. Many more such securer places are needed now. 

4.    Many of those seeking to coordinate rescue efforts have not slept much at all for days. They are both physically and emotionally exhausted. Pray that their strength will be renewed and that they will be able to keep focused on their task of extracting and processing so many desperate people in the very little time that may be left. Pray also for good, clear communications and that these many non-profits, government officials and Christian ministry organizations can flow together in unity, patience, wisdom, and loving care for one another and the masses of people they are trying to serve.

5.    Let’s also keep praying that the August 31 deadline can be extended, both by the Biden administration and the Taliban, so that everyone who needs to get out of the country will be able to do so safely.


Thanks so much for keeping Afghanistan, its people and all involved in this mammoth rescue operation in your prayers. May the Lord affirm and bless you for your love, expressed in this most important of all ways!


Best regards in Christ,

John Robb

Dai Sup Han, Convener, Transform USA Weekly Tuesday National Prayer Call & Monthly 1st Thursday National Conference, National Facilitator, Prayer Surge NOW!,, contact:  Dai Sup also serves as Promise Keepers National Prayer Coordinator, visit, contact:

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