Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Transform USA 2/7 National Conference Call for Servant Leaders and Intercessors Across America

Inviting Servant Leaders and Intercessors Across America
Transform USA 2/7 National Conference Call
For Transforming America TOGETHER in 2019
Thursday Morning/Afternoon, FEBRUARY 7, 2019
8-10 am Pacific, 9-11 am Mountain, 10 am-12 pm Central, 11 am-1 pm Eastern
Call: 712-770-4010  Code: 900655#  Mute: *6

Chairman for Transform USA 2/7: Cindy Collins,
Founder and Director, SpeakHope, www.speakhope.net  

Agenda in Pacific Time (subject to change),
please adjust to your time zone.
  • 8:00 am   Welcome by TC Kim, National Facilitator, Transform USA, www.transformusa.org; Opening Prayer/Sounding the Shofar by Maryal Boumann, Director, PRAY CALIFORNIA, www.praycalifornia.org  together with Phillip Lemkin, Pastor of Temple Emanuel Australia.
  • 8:08 am  Transform World Movement Update (8 minutes) by Luis BushGlobal Facilitator, www.transform-world.net, including Transform World Global CHALLENGE FOR FAMILY ESPECIALLY FOR LIFE; Prayers (2 minutes) offered by Merv Withrup, Spokane/Honolulu World Prayer and by Tom Victor president of the Great Commission Coalition
  • 8:25 am  Praise Report: Christ Awakening, January 7-27, 2019 by Jason Hubbard, click here for "21 Day journey of prayer and fasting for a Christ Awakening!"
  • 8:30 am  Praise Report: PROTEC UNBORN by Alveda King, Priests for Life and Director, Civil Rights for the Unborn, Niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.; Prayer offered by Valerie Jackson, National Director United States National Prayer Council , www.usnationalprayercouncil.com 
  • 8:40 am  Praise Report: LIFE in America by Cynthia Collins,  Serving with TJF as Global Coordinator, Operation Outcry, www.operationoutcry.org, Founder and Director, SpeakHope, www.speakhope.net  and by Denn & Mindy Tebo, Co-Authors of The Moral Outcry, will speak about The Moral Outcry, the end of abortion, and the Father Heart of God, www.themoraloutcry.com
  • 8:50 am  Prayers for LIFE of UNBORN CHILDREN offered by (3 minutes each): David Carroll, Steering Committee Member of TWUSA Donna Matts, Abundant Life  Virginia Governor's Prayer team,; Peter Carlson, Co-Coordinator, National Day of Prayer Oregon State, Serving with Pray Oregon Leadership Team  
  • 9:00 am  Anna’s Choice by Joel Patchen, founder of Anna’s Choice; Prayer offered by Maureen Bravo, Director Liberty Prayer Network International; 
  • 9:10 am  Promise Keepers LIFE Message by Ken Henderson, PK President, read by Dai Sup Han and Travis Witt serving as National Coordinator TW2020 N. American Region www.americacompany.org;  Prayers offered by (3 min each) Kay Horner, Awakening America Alliance, wwakeningamerica.us;  Brenda Wright, Awaken Black America, Donna LaBelle, Transform USA Colorado Spring;
  • 9:30 am   Prayers of Blessing President Trump, US Congress, US Supreme Court offered by Gregg Healey, State-Wide Facilitator, Impact Connecticut, Gwen Bradly, NDP Task force Southeast Area Leader
  • 9:40 am  Prayer of Crying Out for LIFE by (3 minutes each) Barbara Romeo, Midnight cry, Nga Dang, CA Prayer Leader,  Linda Peck, Family Restoration, Cooperated prayer(all pray together)
  • 9:50 am  Important Announcements; Closing Prayer/Sounding the Shofar by Maryal Boumann

Next Transform USA 3/7 National Conference Call
First Thursday, Mar 7, 8-10 am PT, 11 am-1 pm ET
Call: 712-770-4010  Code: 900655#