Monday, July 12, 2021

TUSA 7/13 for PK 2021 Conf, July 16-17 & Pray America - PRAY! until July 31

You are invited to participate in America's Prayer Meeting: Pray America - PRAY! until July 31 towards a Great Spiritual Awakening resulting in millions of conversions out of prayerful desperation driven by the conviction that only such a God-sent revival can save us.  Please visit and:

An Open Invitation to the Body of Christ the Weekly
Transform USA Weekly National Prayer Call
Transforming America TOGETHER in Christ
Tuesday, July 13, 2021
 for Spiritual Awakening:
11:00 am-12:30 pm Eastern, 10:00-11:30 Central
9:00-10:30 am Mountain, 8:00-9:30 am Pacific
Call: 712-770-4010  Code: 900655#  Mute: *6
TUSA 7/13 with invited speakers (in order of TUSA 7/13): Doug SmallVisionary, Pray America - PRAY!, July 4-31, www.americasprayermeeting.orgGarry Bryant, Co-convener, Pray at the Heart of America, July, Director of Evangelism, International Pentecostal Holiness Church USA, iphc.orgQuint ArnoldVP Outreach and Partnerships, Promise Keepers, www.promisekeepers.orgAlec Rowlands, Senior Pastor, Westgate Chapel, Edmonds, WA, www.westgatechapel.comFounder and President, Church, Author of the Book, The Presence: Experiencing More of God; Gregg Healey, Facilitator, New Breed of Business (, Convener, New England Alliance, Board, Connecticut Prays and 10 Days of Prayer. TUSA Core Team Members: Lisa Crump, Served on Leadership Teams of Focus on the Family & National Day of Prayer Task ForceAmy Stoehr, Co-founder, The River Family Church, San Diego Area, California,; Dai Sup HananServant Leaders/Intercessors Across America.

Dai Sup Han, Convener, Transform USA Weekly Tuesday National Prayer Call & Monthly 1st Thursday National Conference, National Facilitator, Prayer Surge NOW!,, contact:  For Promise Keepers 2021, visit, contact:  For Pray America - PRAY!, July 4-28, visit www.americasprayermeeting.orgcontact:

Invitation to Serve as a Prayer Mobilizer 
Pray America - PRAY, July 4-31, 2021 
Together Seeking GOD for the Next Great Awakening  

Dear Friend: 

This is an invitation for you to serve the LORD and engage with the Body of CHRIST as a Prayer Mobilizer for Pray America - PRAY!, July 4-31, 2021.

Would you consider joining a fresh, new movement of like-minded believers who are mobilizing prayer towards the Next Great Awakening? 

We would all agree that America is in a desperate need of spiritual awakening that only comes by "holy desperation" of prayer and obedience.  We can sense our FATHER inviting us to seek Him for His deliverance and destiny of our nation.  Together, we must seize this moment, and in one grand united effort, respond to GOD and implore Him to intervene, to awaken and revive His Ecclesia and show Himself gloriously alive to a nation that has abandoned its spiritual roots. 

Let us invite the Church of America to intercede everywhere on our nation's 245th birthday and throughout July!  Let us "Appeal to Heaven" at the heart of our cities, counties, states and nation!  Let us pray in our church buildings, homes and offices!  Let us pray as we walk in our neighborhoods!  Let us pray in the marketplace, on school campuses, in/around government buildings!  Let us pray everywhere, ask GOD to release His presence and heal our land.  

Would you accept this invitation to serve as a prayer mobilizer for your congregation, city and/or county?  Please register today at

I look forward to hearing from you and having the honor of partnering together towards the Next Great Awakening! 

Together in Christ, 
Dai Sup Han 
National Prayer Mobilizer      
Pray America - PRAY!, July 4-31 

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