Wednesday, July 22, 2020

TUSA 7/23 for 50 States & JESUS' Perfect Union with National Governors' Prayer Team

Transform USA Nat'l Prayer Call, Thur 7/23 for Interceding for 50 States & JESUS' Perfect Union with Tom Walker & National Governors' Prayer Team Regional/State (read details below); Next Week TUSA 7/28 for Mighty Men's Awakening with Timmerle Kelly & General International State/Regional Leaders and 7/30 for Men on the Eve of Promise Keepers 2020 Global Virtual Event, July 31-Aug  

Attention Men: On July 31 and August 1, men all across the globe will gather via livestream in their homes, with their men’s groups, and at simulcast locations hosted by churches, to experience the Promise Keepers 2020 Global Digital Experience. Learn more about PK Livestream/Simulcast - Free of Charge - at  Attention Men & Women: Please click HERE for the 30 Days of Prayer Guide for Promise Keepers, until July 30, and intercede daily in advance of the Promise Keepers 2020 Global Virtual Event, July 31-August 1, convening millions of men for JESUS' Spiritual Awakening.

An Open Invitation to the Body of Christ
Transform USA (TUSA) Prayer Calls
Transforming America TOGETHER
Every Tuesday & Thursday Mornings
Call: 712-770-4010  Code: 900655#  Mute: *6
THIS Thursday Morning, July 23
8:00-9:30 am Pacific, 9:00-10:30 am Mountain,
10:00-11:30 am Central, 11:00 am-12:30 pm Eastern
Interceding for 50 States
and JESUS' Perfect Union with
National Governors' Prayer Team
Together with Tom Walker Founder/Director, National Governors' Prayer Team, and Nat'l Gov Prayer Team Regional & State Prayer Leaders including: 
  • NEW ENGLAND/Maine - Renee Fortin; Connecticut - Susan Reens filling in for Gina Blaze; Massachusetts - Dave Funnell filling in for Carrie Kneeland; New Hampshire - Annette TuttleRhode Island - Margaret PersonVermont - Lena Garceau filling in for Glenn Taylor
  • MID ATLANTIC/Pennsylvania - David DonnangeloDelaware - David MoormanMaryland - Wayne CymekNew York – Desiree BernsteinNew Jersey - Patricia L Wenzel
  • SOUTH ATLANTIC - Peggy Scarborough also filling in for North Carolina - Mary Medford; Florida - Frank & Robin Williamson also filling in for Georgia - Larry Daughtry; South Carolina - Rick Lindsay Virginia - Candace Lovell filling in for Donna Matts; West Virginia - Ron & Nancy Thaxton
  • EAST NORTH CENTRAL/Illinois - Stan PrattIndiana - Kathy Lewton standing in for Kevin Thompson; Michigan - Randy WilliamsOhio - Thomas WiseWisconsin - Carolyn Haman
  • EAST SOUTH CENTRAL - Tom Walker filling in; Alabama - Zona MerchantArkansas - Arthur L. HuntKentucky - Aprile HuntMississippi - Cynthia Todd
  • WEST NORTH CENTRAL/Kansas - Donna LippoldtNebraska - Barbara Gard also filling in for North Dakota - Bette Grande; Minnesota - Marge Kuehne filling in for Mary Ervasti; South Dakota - Linda Rich Johnson
  • WEST SOUTH CENTRAL/Oklahoma - John Huffines
  • MOUNTAIN EAST/Wyoming - Lonnie BensonColorado - Max GarciaIdaho - Andrea Mosely filling in for Ben Becker; Montana - Charlie Rehbein
  • MOUNTAIN WEST/Utah - Stephan PetersonArizona - Lydia Gonzalez-Dross
  • PACIFIC REGION - Susan JohnsenAlaska - Aleta ParkerCalifornia - Valerie House filling in for Brian Johnston; Hawaii - Rabbi Daniel VargasOregon - Donald DiggsWashington - Jonathan Berry
The Governor's Prayer Team is a nonpartisan, nondenominational all volunteer organization that respects the burden of responsibility on those in leadership. As citizens we feel it is our civic responsibility to uphold these leaders in prayer as God instructs us in 1 Timothy 2:1-6, 8.

Gathering the Body of Christ to Intercede for Such a Critical Time as This!
Our nation is facing the greatest challenge since World War II.  TOGETHER we must engage in wartime prayer against the real invisible enemy.  Therefore, Transform USA National Conference Call has transitioned from monthly to twice weekly pray calls: TOGETHER Responding to the COVID-19 National Crisis in PRAYER, Tuesday & Thursday Mornings, 8-9:30 am Pacific / 11 am-12:30 pm Eastern, using 712-770-4010 & code 900655#.  Our 90 minutes together will include insights and words of inspiration from servant leaders towards prevailing intercession.  Please consider inviting fellow brothers and sisters Christ.  Visit: ~ Dai Sup Han, Convener, Transform USA Nat'l Conf Call,, 530-570-0085

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